Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When Our World Stops Turning


    When someone we love dies, our world comes to a halt.  It seems only right that the rest of the world stops too, but that's not the way it is.  As family and friends grieve for the one they have lost, the rest of the world goes on around them, happily unscathed and it feels so unfair...unfair that someone was taken away, unfair that the entire world doesn't share in this great loss. But, I think the fact that loss doesn't effect everyone is a prompt for the bereaved to go on with their lives, to not spend the rest of their days grieving, to let their own lives pay homage to the one that has gone.

    A beautiful woman, full of life, was laid to rest yesterday. She loved life, loved her family, loved her friends...but most of all, she was LOVED, loved so deeply that the loss of her seems unbearable. Her inner light shown so brightly that one could not help but feel it. To see her children, husband and family so tenderly comfort each other during this difficult time, trying to understand why it happened and how they could possibly live without her, is a testament to all that she was. She passed her love of family on to her children and it will live on in her grandchildren. Though she was taken far too soon, she will live on in every person who's life she has touched, in every conversation had over a cup of coffee, in every moment of laughter, in every act of kindness passed, in every memory of her life retold. Her loved ones may not be able to hold her again but they can hold tight to their memories and the knowledge that they were all blessed to be part of her life. Her light did not go out, it was dispersed to every person touched by it, inspiring us all to be better, to do better, to leave a path of love and light for those who will someday grieve for us. 

    In tribute and memory of Deb

                                                                photo by Daniel Krepsky

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