Tuesday, March 6, 2012


   Alright. So, since this is my first post, I'm going to tell you what's going on at the moment so everything to follow won't seem totally out of left field. Other than my own name, alias's will be used for all other humans mentioned here.
   In this house there are 2 cats (Bagheera & Oliver), 1 dog (Henry), our 14 year old daughter (Maia) & 11 year old daughter (Rose), our 4 year old son (Wub) & 3 year old son (Q), my wonderful fiance (Gus) and then there's me, the crazy one. Maia is a teenager with her first boyfriend & preparing to enter high school, um..yeah, can you see the gray hair yet? Rose is a sensitive, affectionate, adolescent girl who loves to dance. I am currently home-pre-schooling  Wub, our studious little thinker. Quinn is the wild one who does and says the funniest things and causes the most destruction, if any of our kids are going to make us bald he definitely has it in the bag. Gus is a Navy veteran turned corrections officer who is a technology smartypants. He's the other half of my soul and, even when he thinks I'm insane, supports me in everything I set out to do. I am on a quest to shrink this family's carbon footprint and fulfill my own personal goal of helping abused, disadvantaged and abandoned animals. I have a great love of nature and will be returning to hiking this spring...so excited, its been years! I am also on a journey to find my pre-babies body...I know its in there somewhere.
   We embrace our heritages so you will sometimes read things regarding Irish, Polish, African American/Soul Food, and Native American information, influences and recipes.
   Gus and I, almost 6 years later, are getting married this May so that is the biggest thing going on right now. I did not employ a wedding planner so to say it is time consuming and sometimes stressful would be an understatement.
   We live in an area prone to floods, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes and droughts so the weather here will often be mentioned. We have an ongoing joke around here.....We have 2 seasons, Winter and Road Construction.
   So there it is. I hope you enjoy future posts and welcome your comments, the good and the bad.

L to R:  Rose, Wub, Q & Maia






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