Friday, May 18, 2012

Mrs. Gus !!!!!

    We were married on a beautiful, warm, sunny May 5th, 2012.  It was a full moon, a Flower Moon, this was the brightest moon of 2012, referred to as a "super moon".  I'll explain the correlations between this kind of moon and our wedding (all of which was discovered after the wedding).  One of the colors related to the Flower Moon is yellow....our main wedding color. One of the flowers related to this moon is Lily of the Valley....worn in my hair and carried by the flower girl.  May is the month of sensuality, love and the power of life.....what better time to have a wedding?  As the ceremony began the birds started singing and they continued until the ceremony ended.  Our last dance was danced under a gorgeous full moon to 'I Could Not Ask For More' by Sara Evans.  

    Before I go on with my elation about our wedding, let me say that when planning your wedding....just go with your gut.  Planning our wedding was the most grueling, depressing thing I've experienced in a very long time.  However, when everything fell apart and we were cancelling our wedding, a dear friend/sister and her wonderful husband stepped in and saved the day by offering up their home. Then came the family and friends who pitched in to help with food, tables, chairs and even a loan. Then came the last bit of wonderfullness in which another dear friend brought my dress and saved me from getting "hitched" in jeans & a t-shirt. It brought me to many happy tears the way everyone we care about cared about us enough to pull together and make this day happen for us. The result was the wedding we had wanted all along but didn't realize it. We were so concerned with making our guests happy that we overlooked what we really wanted and, as it turns out, our guests all said they enjoyed the wedding more this way than they would have if we would have gone all out and been formal.

    So, here are some pics of the day....enjoy :)

Our handsome sons (the ring bearers) and my Matron of Honor's adorable flower girl

 My beautiful bridesmaid in her sapphire dress with yellow pom flowers

My beautiful matron of honor in her pretty yellow blouse with white daisies

Its blurry, but this is me with my gorgeous daughters (yes I'm biased hahaha) entering through the aisle of trees

My matron of honor's beautiful daughter reading "In and Out of Time" by Maya Angelou during the ceremony

The ceremony

Tah Dah!!!

Lily of the Valley in my hair (ala "Hunny") was a tribute to my Dad

My bouquet of daisies & yellow poms. I hand tied the bouquets and boutonnieres that morning.

The flower girl basket created by our hostess (aka "hunny") filled with wild flowers and lily of the valley picked by her and the kids <3

The first dance

Our wedding cupcakes *yum!*

Disaster averted  hahaha!

Gus just couldn't stop acting silly about this pose LOL

    There were so many personal things about this wedding, we couldn't have dreamed up a more meaningful, beautiful day and its all thanks to the family and friends we love.  So if you're having trouble deciding on a theme for your wedding or if it should be formal or casual, go with your gut, step away from the planning, dig deep into your roots and make it a reflection of who you and your betrothed really are. You and your guests will enjoy the day so much more. Had I realized this earlier I may have saved us all the tears and misery it took to get to this point.

PS: Thank you to my dear best friend in the world who tried her best to get me to see the light long before I drove myself & Gus (and her!) crazy. Love you girl!!!!

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